Success…It’s Never Too Late

Are you old? Getting close to your golden years? A little passed middle-aged, perhaps?

If you are, do you, as a Christian, also think that you’re getting too old to pursue your life’s passion and purpose—assuming that you haven’t pursued them already, of course!

Well, if you do think you’re too old, you’re almost certainly not, at least so long as you don’t want to be something like an astronaut or a fighter pilot, that is.

Oh, you might get tired easier and you might not be as limber as you once were, but you have a great many things working in your favor.

Think about it.

If you’re fit, you likely have a solid 20 to 30 years of productive time ahead of you to achieve your dreams (and if you are not fit, get fit now). At the same time, your children are likely gone from home, or soon to be gone, so your risk factor is minimal. You also likely have a nest-egg that already makes you comfortable, not to mention the skills and wisdom that you have hopefully accumulated over the years. And any worries about giving a rat’s ass about social approval have hopefully died down with age, so you should have no fear of what people think of your plans.

So, if you want to make this happen, what can you do to make it happen?

  • First, if you have not really discovered your purpose yet, find it. There are numerous articles that can help you do so. But at this stage in life, you should already know it (or at least you should know what you hate). And if you just want to own a business that makes money, find the place where your general business interest & knowledge intersects with other people’s needs, and then focus on that. That is a solid strategy.
  • Second, don’t delay. While you still have time to do the things you want, time is no longer on your side. So move now and take action immediately. Seriously. Like right after you read this article. Act today. Do something small, but do it now.
  • Third, minimize. If you truly want to pursue your purpose and passion late in life—and so long as your purpose isn’t money—realize how much extra junk you likely have that you don’t need. So minimize. Cut down on your expenses. Down-scale the house. Doing so makes it cheaper to live, mitigates financial risk, and makes it easier to focus on doing what matters.
  • Fourth, get a mentor, for mentors can show you the way. Even if such a mentor takes the form of books, use them. Plus, with the internet today, you have access to almost any type of knowledge you could want. Don’t waste this resource, and don’t make excuses for a lack of knowledge. If you want to find it, it’s there to be found.
  • Fifth, unless you have a pension ready to go, don’t quit your day-job just yet. Instead, use your spare time to get things set-up and moving. Cut down on your hours to give you more free time to work. Then, when you have momentum, quit. Don’t let fear hold you back, just quit. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to quit immediately if you can do so. If you can, drop everything and get started now. Maximum effort right away.

Remember, stay positive. Also remember that there have been great writers, artists, musicians, businessmen, priests, monks, politicians, and so on, who all started late in life. And what one man can do, another man can do. If they did it, so can you.

So, if you are older, but you still want to be a late-blooming purpose-seeker or entrepreneur, know that you can be. You are not too old. Not at all. Just get started, right now!

Alright everyone, that’s it. Until next time, Godspeed.

Non Nobis Christus, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam 


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