Given the rapid and hectic pace of daily life, note that as often as not, Original Apologetics aims to provide you with what are called ‘Single-Sit Books’ (SSBs). These are books that can be read in just a few short hours (ie – in one sitting). That way, you can sit down on a quiet evening and absorb some outstanding content without too much time or effort. Ultimately, this is the goal. And while this goal is not always achieved, it is always sought after.

So, here are the books currently available for purchase, all of which can be found at ‘Amazon’ as e-books:

Turning the Tables on Atheism: Why Theism, Not Atheism, Should be Viewed as the Real Burden-Less, Lack-of-Belief Point-of-View

Turning Tables on Atheism - Title Page

The One Principle for Success: Do Nothing Useless

One Principle for Success