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Are New Atheists NPCs?

As any web-surfer knows, in the first few weeks of October 2018, the so-called NPC meme exploded all over the internet. Articles were written about it and it was both widely embraced and widely condemned, by the so-called political-right and the political-left respectively. Now, for anyone who does not know, NPC is a gaming term, which stands for ‘Non-Playable Character’.

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The Atheist Protests Too Much

Have you ever noticed how so many atheists claim that there is abundant and massive evidence for the existence of God? No, probably not. Instead, you have likely heard atheists—especially New Atheist-types on the internet—repeat over and over and over again how “There is NO evidence for God.” Hell, half the time, they seem to be shouting it! Now, to

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How Batman Proves that God Exists

In August 2018, a couple of articles appeared online that stated that Batman was an atheist. Naturally, as a life-long Batman fan, this “revelation” piqued my interest. After all, it’s not everyday that you hear that your childhood hero holds a philosophical position that is the exact opposite of your own. Now, obviously, Batman is a fictional comic-book character, so

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