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Russia’s Christian Revival…a Sign of Hope

Title: Russia’s Christian Revival…A Sign of Hope. References & Links: Non Nobis Christus, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam ——— Website: Contact: Please support Original Apologetics on Patreon or Paypal, because your financial assistance is greatly appreciated and helps to produce this content. Thank you. Patreon: Paypal: Send to ‘’ Merchandise:

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The Possibility of Religious Revival

A fascinating book review about religion in Russia: In Russia, there is a religious revival happening. Orthodox Christianity is thriving after enduring a 70-year period of atheistic Soviet rule. In 1991, just after the collapse of the USSR, about two-thirds of Russians claimed no religious affiliation. Today, 71 percent of Russians identify as Orthodox. One can now see priests giving

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