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Combining Human Time & Genesis Days

Combining Human Time & Genesis Days: A New Solution to Literally Harmonizing the Genesis Days with the Scientific Age of the Earth By Rad Miksa Introduction Since at least the time of Saint Augustine, Christians have debated how best to interpret the creation ‘days’ found in Genesis 1.[1] Today, that debate continues, often in an acrimonious fashion,[2] with Young-Earth Creationists (YECs)—Christians

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How Batman Proves that God Exists

In August 2018, a couple of articles appeared online that stated that Batman was an atheist. Naturally, as a life-long Batman fan, this “revelation” piqued my interest. After all, it’s not everyday that you hear that your childhood hero holds a philosophical position that is the exact opposite of your own. Now, obviously, Batman is a fictional comic-book character, so

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